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Second Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

Informational website

Second Faculty of Medicine of Charles University has purchased Anatomyka 3D Anatomy Atlas license for its first-year students of general medicine, teachers at the Anatomy Department and other members of the faculty to whom the app may be of benefit. 

On this site, you will find essential information about the license and anwers to FAQ's. 

You will also find out how to get Memorix Anatomy and Memorix Histology e-books FOR FREE. 

How can I claim access to the app? 

We've sent emails with access data automatically to first-year students of general medicine and tutors at the Department of Anatomy. Other members of the faculty have the option to claim access to the app if they're interested. The collective sum of accesses cannot exceed 500. 

I am a first-year student:

We've sent you the access data to the app to your email automatically. If you haven't recieved your access, look here.

I am other faculty member:

If you're interested in the Anatomyka app and would like to access it via your university license, please fill out the form below. After we verify your faculty membership status, we will create a user profile and send you the access data via email

I want to try out Anatomyka 

By submitting this form, I consent to the use of my personal information to send informational emails regarding Anatomyka and Memorix projects and applications.

Thank you for submitting, we will process your request within days.

Access to the app
I haven't recieved my access data, what now? 

I haven't recieved any email: 

Please try to check all your email inboxes including SPAM. Should you not find it, contact us at We will send you your access immediately. 

I recieved an email but the account data is missing: 

Contact us at, we will send you the data right back. 

Havent recieved access
How to download and install the app?

After you recieve your account data via email, go to our Anatomyka portal and log in. 


1. After login, you will automatically see the Licenses & Downloads page

2. On your desktop, click on a download button according to your operating software (Windows, macOS) 

3. On your mobile device, click on a download button with according software icon (Android, iOS). You will be redirected to respective platform (Google Play or App Store). See below on how to sign in with your account data.


After you click on a download button, an installation file AnatomykaHub.exe will download. Open the file and commence installation. 


After finishing the installation of Anatomyka Hub, run it.


Anatomyka Hub serves as a platform to login to, install and update the actuall app. 


Sign in with your portal account data. Then click on the button ATLAS (right side of the square hub). Proceed by clicking on ACTIVATE and then INSTALL

By activating you pair one of your two licenses with the current device. To undo pairing of your device, see the advice below


After downloading the app from Google Play or App Store, run the app. 

1. Go to menu

2. Go to portal

3. Log in with your data

Download Install
Mobil login
On how many devices can I use the app?

You have 2 ATLAS - MULTI licenses you can use on 2 different devices at one time. 


By activating a license on a device you pair the device (DEVICE ID) with the license. One license cannot be used on different devices simultaneously. 

How many devices
I can't login or access the app, what now? 

In most cases, users cannot access the app because they are trying to use their license which has already been paired with another device.

Use the Anatomyka Portal to check if this is your case. You will see whether your licenses have been used up by another device in the column DEVICE ID

If you wish to start using Anatomyka on another device, you need first to unpair your license by clicking on Reset Key. 


You will be then able to sign in with your account on another device and pair that new device to your license again. 


Be sure to check if your license isn't already paired with a device (see the previous text). If your internet connection is working properly and you still can't access the app, please contact us and send us screenshot of the error message to We will adress your issue in the matter of hours. 

Cannot login
Can I change my password? 

Yes, you can change your login e-mail and password. Access your account on our Anatomyka Portal, go to Settings. You will find the options to change your First name, Last name and E-mail, in the left column there is the option to change your password. 

Changing Password
Where can I report a bug or an error in the app? 

Despite our best efforts to make the highest quality anatomy content, you might eventually stumble into a mistake we might have made for various reasons. Please let us know! We are more than greatful for your feedback.

For now, use our email to report a bug. Soon we will establish a feedback form built into the app itself, so it will be easier for users to let us know how we can make the app even better. 

Thank you so very much for all the feedback!

Where can I find out more about the app? 

Don't forget to check your inbox! We will be sending you tips on how to use the app to help you with understanding current topics


For more general information about Anatomyka see our Anatomyka page. You can also visit Anatomyka official website.

Can I participate in the app's development? 

Do you enjoy our app and wish to take part in its making? Our small team consist of anatomy enthusiasts, but we certainly appreciate all the support we can get. See the options below that will help us make the educational materials even so better. 



Should you find any bug, error or shortcoming in the app, please let us know via


Our financial resources come solely from the app sales and our motivational resources from the feedback we get. Consider spending a minute by rating our app on the platforms Google Play and App Store with 5 stars and/or a short commentary. 

GP ikona_hvezdy.png
AS ikonna_hvezdy.png


We will be happy knowing we helped any student make his studies more diverse and interesting. 


We are looking for a social media enthusiast to create and keep updating content on Anatomyka, and Memorix merchandise (e-books and apps) and on anatomy in general - an ideal job for a student. Should you be interested in helping us this way, feel free to contact us. We prefer long-term cooperation. 

How do I get free Memorix eBooks app? 

We have a special offer for students of 2nd Faculty of Medicine that recieved ANATOMYKA app access. If you wish to have Memorix Anatomy and Memorix Histology e-books on your phone and/or tablet so you could study anytime and anywhere, you have but an easy task ahead! 

Give our Memorix eBooks app a 5-star rating and a positive feedback commentary on Google Play or App Store. After you do, take a screenshot of it and upload it here in our form and state your Anatomyka account e-mail. Once we check your feedback, you shall recieve 6 months of full version of Memorix eBooks app for free. 

logo .png

Memorix eBooks icon


1. Download the Memorix eBooks app on your phone or other mobile device from:

Google Play: Memorix Anatomy and Histology

App Store: Memorix eBooks

2. Give the app a 5-star rating and a short positive feedback commentary. Once you do, take a screenshot. 

3. Fill in and submit this form.

4. After we verify your feedback, we will activate your full version of the app for 6 months. 

Fill this form to get Memorix eBooks app 

Upload file

If you don't get access to Memorix eBooks app in a week after you've submitted your feedback, contact us via

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